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What We Do

Strategic Data Architecture

Our expert data architects have decades of experience designing and developing sophisticated data architectures for a variety of industries and scenarios.  Whether it’s data lakes or data warehouses, ETL or ELT, we can get you up and running with an end-to-end enterprise data solution that will bring strategic data capabilities to your organization.  

Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.     --W. Edwards Deming

Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics

Our experts are well-versed in the leading BI platforms, including Microsoft, Qlik, Tableau, and others. With multiple published books, dozens of enterprise deployments, and thousands of hours training IT departments at Fortune 500 organizations, our experts are ready to stand up your BI platform and work with your technical and business resources to get the most out of your BI platform investment.  

Machine Learning

If you have a business opportunity to increase revenues or lower costs based on data-driven predictive outcomes, machine learning is the way to do it. Our experts have applied machine learning to investment decisions, inventory control, and other scenarios where data combined with a sophisticated ML algorithm led to increased business opportunities.  

Artificial Intelligence

Sentiment analysis, enhanced search over unstructured data, natural language processing, are a sampling of some of the opportunities available with AI. Now more accessible than ever via Cloud offerings, AI is ripe for competitive advantage and our experts in AI/ML are ready to capitalize on these technologies to improve your business.

Business Optimization Tools

One of the strongest use cases for getting value out of your strategic data is to build a business optimization engine and UI for decision-makers. Next generation applications utilize historical data, publicly available data, advanced analytics for custom modeling and machine learning, as well as the ability to perform what-if analysis to improve decision-making.  

We implement business optimization tools with a combination of relevant experts, including data architecture, data science, information delivery, and solutioning to build applications that will truly impact the bottom line.  

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Technology Focus

Microsoft Analytics and Data Platform

There’s a reason many enterprises are Microsoft shops, down to the database layer. For organizations seeking to leverage the full power of Microsoft data and analytics products, the best way is with the help of an expert.  

With dozens of implementations to their credit, our experts are true Microsoft data experts, from database tier (SQL Server, Azure SQL database) to user tools (Power BI), on-prem and in Azure.


For truly complex and heavy data operations in bulk or streams, StreamSets is a solid choice for building the modern digital enterprise.  Our StreamSets experts are certified, experienced, and ready to solve your most challenging data ops initiatives.


To achieve powerful visual analytics on a fast track, Qlik is hard to beat. Do your users require an embedded analytics solution?  Qlik is an easy answer.  

We have extensive development experience with QlikView and Qlik Sense, not to mention introductory and advanced training.  In fact, Expert Analytics' founder has trained some of Qlik’s largest corporate clients in the U.S.


Tableau is consistently ranked highly in the Gartner BI Magic Quadrant annual report, but any Tableau expert will agree that a successful Tableau design is about the proper data layer. Our experts specialize in creating optimal data models for Tableau and other high-end BI tools.  

Strategic Data Roadmap Engagement

If your organization is new to the power of analytics within your organization, big decisions loom.  Do you format and cleanse the data as its gathered into an enterprise data warehouse?  Collect as much data as possible and store it as quickly as possible in a data lake where it can be refined at time of consumption?  Which data storage and data movement technologies make the most sense for your organization?  Which end user tools will give you the most bang for the buck?  Is your enterprise data ready for analytics or will it require mastering or other changes?  

These are all questions we are trained to answer in a Strategic Data Roadmap engagement (SDR).  In your SDR, we spend the necessary time with your key personnel and do the relevant investigations into your business systems to leave you with a short and long-term recommended roadmap. 

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