Transforming the Way Companies Do Business

We work with amazing customers and help them transform the way they do business. We do this with a human touch, with confidence and intellectual curiosity. We provide passionate and powerful experts for processes and solutions in business and technology. That’s our drive. Our culture. If that sounds like you, let’s talk.

What We Need

Strategic Data Architects

Expert Analytics is hiring data architects with senior architect level experience designing and developing sophisticated solutions for various industries and business scenarios. Experience in areas like data warehouses, data lakes, ETL, ELT, end-to-end solutions and related business processes are vital to your joining our team.

Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics Consultants

All our consultants must have expertise in leading BI platforms, including Microsoft, Tableau, Qlik and others. We require verifiable experience where you have stood up BI platforms, working with both line of business and technical resources, and resulting in outstanding customer experiences. Certifications a plus.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Gurus

We are always looking for experts in applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to develop solutions to support financial decisions, inventory control, sales , process automation, and other sophisticated data scenarios where ML and AI algorithms results in business improvement. Experience in unstructured data and natural language processing a must.

Business Optimization Experts

Our dedication to business optimization is second to none. Experience with using multiple data sources to build collaboratively-designed customer experiences using leading visualization tools is absolutely required. We combine your expertise with our other experts in data architecture, data science, and information delivery to improve our clients’ business success.

Passionate People and Powerful Experts

We want passionate and powerful experts. The business world is constantly changing and transforming. We are as well.  We grow, we learn and we help others. That commitment learning and development empowers you to grow every day. Your talents expand. You help great customers be satisfied every day.  

  • Jared Decker

    President and Advisory Consultant