Unmatched Expertise

We are in the business of providing data experts and expert teams to carry out your strategic data initiatives expeditiously and cost-effectively. We are experienced in a wide range of data tools and platforms, and are highly credentialed with decades of successful client deliverables, advanced degrees, and certifications.

We help you achieve success with your most strategic initiatives and improve your teams’ performance across a wide range of projects.

How We Operate


We are in the business of locating and developing strategic data experts. In our experience, an expert will not only carry out effective and fast-paced work, but will also boost an entire project team’s ability to deliver better and faster results. 

We have experts for many strategic data functional areas, including data ingest, data warehousing, data lakes, business intelligence, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


Our experts possess both broad and deep experience. Broad experience may include use of alternative tools and non-traditional approaches to reach a goal more effectively. This is the voice on the team saying “I’ve seen a better way with another option.”

Deep experience translates into getting maximum value from the chosen enterprise technology stack. This is the voice declaring,  “I’ve dealt with this issue on this platform before and can recommend the right path forward.”


We seek to maximize the value exchanged directly between our experts and key professionals at your company.  

This is accomplished by running a minimal-overhead consultancy that exists primarily to facilitate and support consultant-client relationships, whether at the expert or expert team level. We deliver what you want.


Our honest opinions are highly valuable to you as leaders and stakeholders, and this is exactly what our team members are trained to provide. Armed with honest assessments delivered by our experts in a timely manner, you are always in a position to make decisions that will keep your strategic data investments on the right track.


Expert Analytics was founded by data warehousing and analytics veterans and thought leaders. From the beginning, expertise is in the company’s culture and is deeply woven into client delivery.

  • Jared Decker

    President, Advisory Consultant
  • Kevin Arnold

    Managing Director
  • Brian Henry

    Director, Solutioning
  • Eric Noack

    Director, Information Delivery
  • Steven Crofts

    Director, Business Development